Welcome to the web page of the
Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa

DEMAWUSA is the new home for municipal and allied workers. It has arisen from the ashes of the old, and is a democratic union deeply committed to independence, accountability and workers control.

DEMAWUSA is unapologetically a socialist union, and believes that society must be transformed to overcome poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption. It recently held its inaugural congress, and is growing rapidly, as revelations about corruption in its forbears becomes more widely known, and rejected by workers looking for honest leadership and responsive representation.


66 thoughts on “About

  1. It is high time that democratic unions must be started. Other workers are tired of the way Cosatu claims to represent workers whereas they have personal interests. Viva DEMAWUSA VIVA


  2. Is it possible for one of your union representatives come and visit all of the municipal depots so we can get more information about the union and the mandate it has…especially in Johannesburg..


    • Hi Terrence

      Please give us a call at 011 067 0120 so that we find our were are u or give indication were can we get hold of you.

      Kind Regards



  3. We need to join your Union as the Gauteng emergency medical services there lot of unlawful things done by department , we work overtime and we don’t get paid , the staff get injured on duty they don’t care about the staff and the bases are conducive work for shift workers.


  4. we at ekurhuleni emergency services are workingas reservists, but the government recognises us as permanent workers. things arr done unlawful here some of us have been reservist for more than 5 years. this is worrying us because demawusa is currently investigating the municipality but they froze our incomes so that they don’t get. may DeMAWUSA pls help us with this situation.


  5. We at MANGAUNG MUNICIPALITY we had been METRO since 2011 but only COUNCILOR’S and EXECUTIVE receive METRO salary, and since the inception of this UNION we are still waiting for them to DEDUCT from the employer


    • Hi Cde Sthembiso, could you kindly forward us your contact details so that we can be able to contact you for proper guidance


    • Serame Please give us a call at this number 011 067 0120 so that we can assist if we can not help we will be able to give a relevant union to help


    • Dear Cde Sammy,

      Would you be kind to forward us your email address so that we can forward the union membership application forms


    • Dear Cde Kwena,

      Thank you very much for the enquiry. Our office will certainly give you a call tomorrow for further guidance.


    • Dear Cde Mivuyo,

      Would you be kind to forward us your email address so that we can forward you the union membership application forms


    • Dear Cde Tshediso,

      Thank you very much for the constructive input. The union is now in the process of revamping its website and you will be notified of the new website address soon.


  6. Revolutionary greetings.I hav been waiting for DEMAWUSA to get of the ground.I know the union is registered with Labour department but it seems is not recognised by SALGA.What could be a delay?


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