Welcome to the web page of the
Democratic Municipal and Allied Workers Union of South Africa

DEMAWUSA is the new home for municipal and allied workers. It has arisen from the ashes of the old, and is a democratic union deeply committed to independence, accountability and workers control.

DEMAWUSA is unapologetically a socialist union, and believes that society must be transformed to overcome poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption. It recently held its inaugural congress, and is growing rapidly, as revelations about corruption in its forbears becomes more widely known, and rejected by workers looking for honest leadership and responsive representation.

For any inquiries and further information please get in contact with the DEMAWUSA office in Johannesburg : Phone: +27 11 067 0120, Address: 34 Eloff Street, JC Bez House, Marshalltown, Johannesburg


72 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Cde Sammy,

    Would you be kind to forward us your email address so that we can forward the union membership application forms


  2. Revolutionary greetings.I hav been waiting for DEMAWUSA to get of the ground.I know the union is registered with Labour department but it seems is not recognised by SALGA.What could be a delay?


  3. Been trying to call this number, it does not go through. Can you please give me the alternative numbers so that i can call you.


  4. Good Day

    Please advice how do we join the union,especially in Braamfontein,Thuso house we have been filling forms and resigning from our previous unions but still DEMAWUSA is not active.


  5. Important notice: Comrades, Please be advised to directly call the DEMAWUSA office in Jhb for contact details and further advice: Phone: +27 11 067 0120, Address: 34 Eloff Street, JC Bez House, Marshalltown, Johannesburg


  6. Good day, we as members that has just resigned from Samwu, we have managed to get joining application forms for DEMAWUSA and we have filled them, however we are been threatened by other union members that we will be fired if we join this new Union coz it is not recognized at Ekurhuleni. may we kindly get urgent help on this matter, can somebody contact us to arrange for coming to address new members.
    I have been providing members with forms and they have brought them back, so I don’t know what to do with them anymore.may I be contacted on this number 078 322 0427
    coz I cant afford to disappoint new potential members ………….VIVA DEMAWUSA VIVA………… PHAMBILE WITH A RELIABLE UNION PHAMBILE…..


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